Safe shelter

Safe shelter

At ISHRAI, we understand that safety is a fundamental human right. We recognize that many LGBTQIA+ individuals face unique challenges and vulnerabilities, often leading to situations where finding a safe place to stay becomes critical. Our Safe Shelter program is designed to offer refuge and security to those who need it the most, ensuring that everyone has access to a supportive environment where they can heal and rebuild their lives.

The Importance of Safe Shelter

For many LGBTQIA+ individuals, the threat of violence, discrimination, or rejection from family and society is a harsh reality. The lack of safe spaces can make escaping such situations incredibly difficult. Our Safe Shelter program acknowledges these challenges and strives to bridge the gap by providing a temporary home that is accepting, affirming, and respectful of your identity.

What We Offer

Our Safe Shelter program encompasses:

  1. Safe and Welcoming Environment: Our shelters are LGBTQIA+-friendly spaces where you can be your authentic self without fear of judgment or discrimination.

  2. Basic Necessities: We provide essential amenities such as food, clothing, hygiene products, and a comfortable place to sleep.

  3. Emotional Support: Our trained staff and volunteers offer emotional support, counseling, and resources to help you navigate your circumstances and plan for the future.

  4. Community Connection: Joining our Safe Shelter program means joining a community of individuals who understand and support you. We encourage peer connections and mutual empowerment.

  5. Empowerment and Resources: We offer workshops, skill-building sessions, and resources to help you regain your independence and move forward.

Accessing Safe Shelter

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a safe place to stay, ISHRAI’s Safe Shelter program is here for you. We provide confidential and nonjudgmental support, ensuring that your well-being and security are our top priorities. Whether you’re escaping an unsafe environment or need temporary shelter due to unforeseen circumstances, we are dedicated to offering a helping hand and a safe haven where you can begin rebuilding your life.

Remember, you are not alone. ISHRAI is committed to creating a world where everyone can live authentically, free from harm and discrimination. Reach out to us to learn more about our Safe Shelter program and take the first step towards a safer and brighter future

How to get help

If you or someone you know is LGBT+ and experiencing domestic abuse, we are here for you.